Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Can't I Access My Blog?

Something strange is happening? I can't access my own blog? WTF?!

Monday, November 02, 2009

It Comes in Waves

On Halloween, around 2:00pm, my grandmother, my halmuhni, left us to be with the Father.

She passed away with her daughter, my mom, beside her singing a song of Praise to our Maker. As my mom sang, "Hallelujah," my halmuhni exhaled her very last breath.

Around an hour after, I arrived, at her room in the hospital. There, on the bed, my halmuhni rested, her face serene, peaceful... she was freed from the emptiness of Alzheimer's and the slow agony of congestive heart failure.

There's so much about her that I want to share, but I don't know where to begin.

She raised me. It was just us three... my halmuhni, mom, and me, living together in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Flushing. Even when I was living in Korea, I think it was just us three.

My halmuhni was strong. The many years of hardship as a housewife taking care of her husband and the in-laws: his father, his mother, and his siblings; made her physically strong. I don't think I ever felt her hands soft; Hers were calloused and thuggish. But they were there to blow my snotty nose. And they reached out during the final weeks of her life... to be held. I didn't get to hold her hands at all when I saw her on the bed.

My halmuhni was strong. Her father didn't believe that girls should learn to read or write. She was illiterate. But her lack of education didn't stop her from asserting herself when people better educated than her would try to cut her down. She demanded attention and respect, especially from her well educated children and grandchildren. However much we knew or understood about anything and everything, no one had better disrespect her. My mom called her stubborn, but I think halmuhni had to be.

My halmuhni was fierce. She had lost two children. One at birth and the other in adulthood to a disease common to children. She even suffered her husband's infidelity many times over. But she still stood tall. When granddad, hallabuhji, was too sick to take care of himself and moved in with us, she got him to convert to Catholicism, just so that they could be buried as husband and wife, together in a land sanctified by the Church.

My halmuhni was fierce. So fierce that she died on a day where we're supposed to commemorate the dead and the paranormal, Halloween. She was fiercer than Jennifer Hudson ever was when she told Jamie Fox, "You're gonna love me!" I think her final statement to us, and I laugh when I think about it, was: "you'd best remember me; you'd best love me!"

My halmuhni was beautiful. I remember when I was in grade school, I was teaching her how to sign her name for some reason. She was on the kitchen table, with a pen on her name, writing her name one letter at time repeatedly. Her penmanship was shaky at first. But after several sheets of paper were used up, after she was satisfied, she stopped. It was like watching her make noodles, kalgooksu. After the dough was flattened to the perfect thinness, she'd carefully fold it a few times, dusting each layer with flour so that it wouldn't stick on to itself; and with a chef knife, she'd cut each noodle strand so fine and perfect. It was art. Her signature had to be beautiful, like her noodles.

My halmuhni was beautiful. It's funny... late in her life, many non-Asian hospital and nursing home clerks and staff mistook her for a man. I don't know why. She was beautiful.

Strong, fierce, and beautiful.

Her given name was Do-Im, a very uncommon Korean name for a very special lady.

She's survived by her eldest, my mom, and her grandson, me; by her second daughter, her three grandchildren, and her five great-grandchildren; her grandson, the deceased son's son; her youngest daughter and her two grandchildren; her middle son and her two grandsons; and her baby son, and her two grandchildren.

We never used the word, "Love," in our household. It's a very Korean thing to do: not using the word, "Love,' but expressing it in other ways. But I want everyone to know, I loved my halmuhni.

I love you, Halmuhni. And I miss you.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Hi All...

I've moved.

If you wish, follow me here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

269: The Weekend According to My Facebook Updates

March 14

12:15PM Jacob is taking a break from responsibilities.
3:23PM Jacob is drunk on martini.
11:43PM Jacob is drunk on wine.

March 15
11:11AM Jacob is drunk on bloody marys.
7:21PM Jacob is drunk on some cocktail. (Pineapple liqueur... yum)
10:56PM Jacob is drunk on tequila shots.

March 16
12:55AM Jacob is drunk on vodka and some other sh*t.
1:14AM Jacob is drunk on vodka and *correction* so many other sh*t.
7:13PM Jacob is done. His liver just gave up; it threw in the towel.
8:30PM Jacob is getting his But his liver has left the building, and the party is back on, bitches!

11:31AM Jacob is in Pittsburg... Don't ask.
6:06PM Jacob is finally going home. Less than half and hour to board the plane that will take him home to NY! Nope, spoke to soon. The flight's delayed. Damn bitches.
8:41PM Jacob is has landed.
951PM Jacob is eating dinner without any alcohol.

Thank you, GBM 2008.
Happy Birthday, VUBOQ.
I heart you, goblinbox.
Only Me and Two Cents, it was fun imbibing the blur makers and inhaling the stinky sticks with you. Sorry about your lappy and moby charger, OM; TC, I'm forever awed by your bottomless stomach.

It was fun meeting and hanging out with everyone who was there for the festivities!


Saturday, March 15, 2008

268: Mush's Take

I got a guest blogger, goblinbox, to blog for me on the first day of GBM 2008.

So Jake and I slept together last night.

Well, not together together, but in the same room - Vuboq's living room. He got the air mattress; I got the sofa.

He said, "I snore when I've been drinking," and I said, "You better not or I'll throw stuff at your head!"

He did snore a little, but I was so tired from being on planes all day that I fell asleep almost instantly and the rest of the night passed pleasantly. He could have snored like crazy and I wouldn't have noticed.

There's a picture of the whole thing right here.

Monday, February 25, 2008

267: What Oscars?

Last night I caught "Jimmy Kimmel Live" after some award show that preceded it. Some film entitled "No Country for Old Men" won something or whatever. As an aside by the way, I did catch that movie tonight; it was interesting... Anyways, back to Jimmy Kimmel... OMG, What you are about to see is hilarious! Watch this:

That was in response to this that aired some time ago. Again, hilarious!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

266: The Girls

I didn't get to live blog yesterday. But I did get to see some of the girls perform last night on American Idol. I'm was underwhelmed. No girl really stood out. Maybe the 60's was a difficult decade, I don't know.


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